Chronicle - Perry Hu Studio


Xiangtan, Hunan Province. <br />
In preparation for the Dec. 2015 opening of Xiangtan City Museum, a painter details a mural of the ancient civilization of the region. The Chinese government exceeded its goal of 3500 museums by 2015 when 451 were opened in 2012.
Chengdu.<br />
Chrysanthemum flower in People's Park.
Jingzhou, Hubei Province.<br />
A docent at Jingzhou Museum points out the unique feature of this Warring States period jade burial mask: it is a carved and incised representation of a face on a single piece of jade. Typically facial features in ancient jade burial masks are faceted and composed of numerous jade pieces.
Wuhan. <br />
skull of Homo Erectus discovered in Yunxian, Hubei Province in 1989, collection of the Hubei Provincial Museum. <br />
Though distorted by earthly pressure over many millennia, it is regarded as among the most complete Middle Pleistocene hominid crania found in Asia.
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