Chronicle - Perry Hu Studio


Xiangtan, Hunan Province. <br />
In preparation for the Dec. 2015 opening of Xiangtan City Museum, a painter details a mural of the ancient civilization of the region. The Chinese government exceeded its goal of 3500 museums by 2015 when 451 were opened in 2012.
Chengdu.<br />
Chrysanthemum flower in People's Park.
Jingzhou, Hubei Province.<br />
A docent at Jingzhou Museum points out the unique feature of this Warring States period jade burial mask: it is a carved and incised representation of a face on a single piece of jade. Typically facial features in ancient jade burial masks are faceted and composed of numerous jade pieces.
Wuhan. <br />
This skull of Homo Erectus discovered in Yunxian, Hubei Province in 1989, is in the collection of the Hubei Provincial Museum. Though distorted by earthly pressure over many millennia, it is regarded as among the most complete Middle Pleistocene hominid crania found in Asia.
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